Rock and Clay Wines Labels

Rock and Clay Wines feature images of birds created by renowned scientific illustrator, Roger Hall.  Birds were chosen as the subject for our labels because they are a diverse, beautiful and natural presence in vineyards in Northern California.


Western Meadowlark Chardonnay Namesake Vineyard

The Western Meadowlark was the first image we chose when we met Roger and our wines were in the “prototype” stage.  The image is fitting for the Namesake Vineyard Chardonnay because the vineyard is located on Meadowlark Lane in Sonoma.  Flocks of Western Meadowlarks visit Namesake Vineyard in the spring before spending their summer on Wildcat Mountain which overlooks the vineyard.

Red Winged Black Bird Malbec

Red Winged Blackbird Malbec Tzabaco Rancho Vineyard

Our early red wine releases were bottled under the “Redwing” label with the image of the Red Winged Blackbird.  The idea was that the label would cover the “red wing” of our wine portfolio – we know, silly idea.  We love the almost defiant nobility of the Red Winged Blackbird image which is now only used for the Tzabaco Rancho Malbec bottlings.

Great Egret Caties Corner

Great Egret Viognier Catie’s Corner Vineyard

In the wintertime, egrets can be seen stalking through the weeds in between vineyard rows or flying gracefully overhead.  Roger’s illustration captures the elegance of a great egret in flight which seems appropriate for flavor profile of the viognier from Catie’s Corner vineyard.

Common Raven Red Blend

Common Raven Malbec/Tannat Heringer Vineyard

Common Ravens are large, intelligent birds which form lifelong mated pairings.  Pairs of Common Ravens can be seen flying together playfully exchanging clicks and croaks.  We feel that the lush fruit and spice flavors of malbec and the complexity and firm structure of tannat make a strong pairing, therefore we chose the Raven for our co-fermented malbec/tannat from Heringer Vineyard.

Barn Owl Sauvignon Blanc

Barn Owl Sauvignon Blanc Coffey Lane Vineyard

Barn Owls inhabit nesting boxes present in many vineyards in Sonoma County.  It is rare to see Barn Owls during the day, but at night they are often gliding silently just above the vines hunting rodents.   The Barn Owl image allowed us to incorporate a nighttime background color on the label which we feel makes a striking package for our sauvignon blanc (musque’ clone) from Coffey Lane Vineyard.